CASHLESS revolves around a man’s reckless pursuit of his misplaced cash after he mistakenly transfers an important sum of money meant for his mother into the wrong ATM account. When time and money are at stake, how far must he go before he finally finds himself? Starring Danny Jow, and featuring music by local bands The Lilac Saints and RustyNailz.

Think the premise of CASHLESS is the stuff of reel life? Read about CASHLESS in real life in The Straits Times and The New Paper articles.



Leslie Cheung | Leslie likes to think of himself as savvy and … [more]


Ma | Ma single-handedly brought Leslie and his older sisters … [more]


Ganesh | Ganesh, Leslie’s colleague, is generally a likeable … [more]


Shirley | Shirley is experienced and always immaculately … [more]


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