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CASHLESS goes to UK again!


First it was the 14th Portobello Film Festival, now it is for the Falstaff International Film Festival!

CASHLESS is selected under the International (Long) Shorts segment along with 30+ international shorts! It is certainly an honor to be selected!

The festival will run from 14 to 20 Nov. More details will be updated soon! Feel free to visit their site to find out more about the festival, click here.



Canadian International Annual Film Festival

CASHLESS has been awarded TWO STARS for the 2009 Canadian International Annual Film Festival! Check out the website here.

Here were some comments:

Well shot with good lighting. Good control of scenes and action. Resolution with mother work well.

CASHLESS selected in 3 festivals around the world!

First off, 2009 Canadian International Annual Film Festival in Canada! CASHLESS was recognized under the TWO STARS category. We are not fully sure what this means yet, but more details should be out soon.

Next, the 2009 Young Cinema Art, World Student Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland! CASHLESS has received a nomination in the festival and the festival will run from the 22 to 24 October in Plock. More details will be out soon, but for the moment click here to find out more.

Finally, the inaugural Global Cinema Festival at Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India! Amazing fact: our actor, Prakasam, who plays Ganesh in CASHLESS  was born and spent most of his life in Madhya Pradesh! It certainly makes the makes the screening all the more meaningful. The festival opening is 8 October and will run from 9 to 15 October. More details will be out soon as well, but for the moment click here to find out more.

We want to thank everyone who watched our film and helped us showcase CASHLESS to audiences around the world. Cheers!

CASHLESS screens at NUS

We are glad to be able to screen CASHLESS back at our home grounds at NUS UCC Theatre. It was great catching up with some of the cast and crew, as well as  fresh faces from nuSTUDIOS. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement.




CASHLESS screening in London!

CASHLESS has been selected for the 14th Portobello Film Festival 2009 – UK’s biggest Independent Film Competition!

CASHLESS will be screened under World Cinema at the Tabernacle in London on 19 Sep 2009. Do drop by if you are nearby and share the responses with us as we will not be able to make it there.

For more screening details, visit here.


A Visit to InDPanda!

Melinda had the chance to visit Hong Kong for the 5th InDPanda International Short Film Festival.

A big thank you to festival directors Jonathan & Henry for their kind hospitality!



CASHLESS screening in Hong Kong!


CASHLESS will be screening on 11 Aug 2009 in Hong Kong for the 5th InDPanda International Short Film Festival!

CASHLESS will be screened alongside with other short films around the world. We are programmed under “Never Forget” – We suddenly recall someone or something important in certain moment. Then, we understand what we really should cherish. It certainly speaks well for our film.

For more screening details, visit here.


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