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Original Music by Moby

“Last Cry
Original Music by RustyNailz

Original Music by The Lilac Saints

“Happy Song
Original Music by The Lilac Saints

Lilac Saints

The Lilac Saints

The Lilac Saints comprise of life-long friends Ric Liu (Vocals.Formerly from Dreamz FM), Bhaskar (Vocals/Guitars. Formerly from Steel City Skies), Desmond Sim (Drums), Eugene Wee (Bass) and Kevin Tan (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards). Their songs received good share of local airplay and chart success in the 1990s with hit songs like “Gina” (“singled out” on 98.7FM), “Jamaica”, “Nightfall” and “Wasting Time” – culminating in a Best Local Band nomination for the Perfect 10 98.7 FM Awards in 1996. The Lilac Saints have released three acclaimed albums so far: “Awake” (under the Spring Roll/Pony Canyon label), “Lilac Saints” and “Halo!” and were also involved in Eric Khoo’s “12-Stories” soundtrack and several compilations including “New School Rock 3” and “Left Of the Dial”.

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RustyNailz is a Singapore Chinese Rock band formed in 2003 consisting of 5 members , namely Bryan, Alez, Ck, Marc and Bernard . Since 2003, RustyNailz has composed and arranged numerous songs with styles ranging from pop ballads, soft rock, heavy rock to funky and blues. Our songs reflect voices of modern people as well as the growth and lifestyle of the RustyNailz members.

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