Derek Tan | Director/Producer/Editor

A three day crash course on “how to use the camcorder” back in secondary school started Derek on his journey in filmmaking. Digging through libraries for film books, watching films, making short films, teaching others how to make films, and interning on a television set was his film school experience. Derek later joined nuSTUDIOS Film Productions in 2005, and took on the role as its President in 2007, which exposed him to a vision of not just making films but also promoting his passion to everyone.

Derek simply enjoys every aspect of the craft, taking on different production roles. He has since directed three films, CASHLESS (2009), minute (2007) and Crack (2006). He is also the editor for CASHLESS, as well as several other films, like In Our Own Words (2008) and SOULS (2005).  He was also the director of photography for his previous two films, and Last Strangers under the Heaven (2006).

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Melinda Tan | Director/Producer/Screenwriter

Melinda is a Psychology graduate with interests in the arts, film and literature. She enjoys the creative and collaborative process of filmmaking and was also Vice President (Programmes) of nuSTUDIOS Film Productions in 2007, where she pursued her love for films beyond its production through promoting film appreciation via film outreach platforms and programmes.

Some of her experiences in film production include scripting, producing, art direction and casting. Her directing credits include a small theatre production of Kuo Pao Kun’s Lao Jiu (2004) and the short film documentary, In Our Own Words (2008), which presents an unconventional perspective on youths with renal failure. She has produced for three films – Pardon Me (2007), In Our Own Words (2008) and CASHLESS (2009) – and scripted for her previous two.

CASHLESS marks her second directorial effort in film and she is blessed to have worked on it with so many friends – both old and new.


Seah Aik Hoe | Producer

Aik Hoe developed interests in film after switching over from theatre back in secondary school. A pious follower of television dramas, he took his drama-watching to a higher level by producing Waiting (2007) as his first production under nuSTUDIOS Film Productions. Furthering the cause of film as an interest to the community in NUS, he stepped up as the Treasurer of nuSTUDIOS in 2007. His past experiences in productions include producing and directing for Melt (2006), producing and editing for ChildAid (2007), editing for Dynamic Governance (2007), editing for NUS Entrepreneur Awards (2007), editing for Islam and Public Policy (2007), cameraman for International Exchange Day (2007) and cameraman for Solar Power Seminar (2008). He agrees that his major in Statistics has nothing to do with film. Thus said he still finds producing a particularly satisfying process in filmmaking.


Izmir Ickbal | Screenwriter

This is Izmir’s first effort at writing a short film. He started by writing his own comics at an early age. He has since been expressing himself in various art forms which include being a story board artist for short films, a feature film, as well as a visual artist for theatre performances. He plans to write more films in the future.


Ho Jia Jian | Cinematographer

Jian is currently reading Mechanical Engineering in the National University of Singapore. He has a deep passion for cinematography, photography, film, design and technology. Besides the passions he hold close to his heart, Jian also derives much joy from seeing the culture of filmmaking being promoted and taught to everyone of every age. He is currently the Advisory President of nuSTUDIOS Film Productions and was the President in 2008.  His experience in film production started out when he was an intern at Skywalker TV Facility (Malaysia), which enabled him to be an assistant cameraman for the TV Reality Series, Fear Factor Asia (2005).  He was also an assistant cameraman and grip for various other short TV productions. He has since moved on to become the Director of Photography for the short film documentary, In Our Own Words (2008), about youths with renal failure. He recently was the Director of Photography for the short film, CASHLESS (2009).

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Chuang Xuejin | Production Designer/Wardrobe

Xuejin is into photography, visual arts, and looking at fashion. He tries hard to understand how different elements give different meaning for viewers, as well as composition.  Lots to learn.  He would love to try his hands on directing one day.


Kate Lim Hwee Leng | Casting Manager/Makeup Artist

Kate is a freelance performer and makeup artist, currently doing her Theatre Studies honours in NUS. Prior to her undergraduate studies, she has completed a diploma in Mass Communication under the School of Film & Media Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. As a makeup artist, she has experience in doing makeup for film, tv, stage, events and photo shoots. Notable clients include LG and 360 Productions. CASHLESS is Kate’s first experience as a casting manager for a film. So she wants to take this opportunity to thank all the actors and actresses she cajoled and cheated into acting for this film.


Joe Chung | Location Manager

Joe has a degree in computer engineering and swears never to do computers or engineering. He thinks arting and farting is the way to go, and has done shit like acting, directing, scriptwriting, crewing, designing graphics, arting pixels and babysitting. He is currently involved in begging companies to employ him, while acting all bohemian and stuff. If you happen to be in Tampines, please donate to him some cup ramen.


Heng Shing Kae | Gaffer

In everything he does, Shing Kae likes to learn as much as possible and will continue to do this throughout his future careers. He enjoys working with people and has an interest in creating creative concepts and visuals; he also likes to take up challenges with uncertainties, where you cannot expect the same thing to come again. That is why he helped in the production of CASHLESS, working with all the hardworking and creative people. He really enjoyed this production very much.


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