Danny Jow

Danny Jow | Leslie Cheung

“I love what I do.
Drama is not simply a pastime to enjoy; it is also a wonderful tool for self-actualization and character development. Watching how one opens up and how one comes into a greater artistic awareness. So many life skills may be acquired in the process: discipline, expressiveness, confidence, and emotional forthrightness, just to name a few. It never ceases to amaze me every time I see how people flourish, yet it only strengthens my conviction about the necessity and value of drama.”

DANNY holds a BA (distinction) in Drama and education from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He also holds a Diploma in Drama from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore (his major was in Directing with a focus in Acting for theatre). Danny is also trained in counselling having received a Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology (high distinction) at Academy of Certified Counscellors, Singapore/Wisconsin International University, USA.

Danny is currently a Programme Director/Head Trainer with Mastereign Centre of Performing Arts. He devises various training syllabi, tailored specifically to the needs of different student groups, conducts as well as overseen many educational drama programmes for schools and fun-filled acting workshops for corporate and the public.

Filming Cashless in 2008 was one of his best moments in life. He is very grateful for the blessing and the opportunity to have worked with such a passionate production team and a talented cast. He wants to thank Melinda and Derek for their faith in him to play the role of Leslie.

Now, ladies and Gentlemen, hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labour – CASHLESS.


Prakasam Achanta | Ganesh

By qualification, Prakasam holds dual graduate degrees in business administration and finance. He was a banker earlier, thereafter, had a short stint as a corporate finance manager with a FMCG major. CASHLESS was his first exposure into film-making. Currently, he works for a film production house back in India – in Mumbai precisely. So far, he has been a part of the direction and production teams for around 6 ad films; and working on a feature on the cards for this year. He is looking forward to making a career in acting and direction.

Bill Teoh

Bill Teoh | Mr. Seto

Bill Teoh is a seasoned actor who has been acting for over 12 years. Starting in “Triple 9” – he completed 3 seasons with this show, then went on to act in: “Growing Up”, “PCK”, “Heartlanders”, “Yang Sisters”, “True Files”, “True Courage”, “Missing”, “Tab T – To Hell and Back”, “Super Stars”, “My Sassy Neighbour”, “I Not Stupid 2” and more recently in commercials for Tiger Beer 2006/2007 and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Bill’s previous career was in intelligence in the Police Force holding the Rank of Ag. Superintendent in the Internal Security Dept.


Jilly Tan | Susan Ho

Starting out as a commercial model in tropical Singapore, Jilly Tan has made a living as a professional performer since 1999, carving out a career in Singapore television, the main media in her local industry. Besides a multitude of lead episodic, guest and recurring roles on all the local network channels, she has also landed series regular roles on four different TV dramas and comedies, three in the English language (Channel i’s Durian King, Kids Central’s Kids Rock, Channel News Asia’s Bertha’s Nest) and one in Mandarin (Channel U’s Hu Jia).

Fortunate enough not to be stereotyped as any particular character type or specific Asian race, she has taken on various challenging roles from the start to develop versatility in her craft. Though local feature films are independent and rare, she played lead and supporting roles in three in 2007.

Jilly has always supported new ideas and short films as she believes that the industry is ever evolving. Therefore she is also constantly learning and growing as an performer.

Full of energy, enthusiasm, positivity, a strong sense of justice, and a corny sense of humour, Jilly relishes in the joy of just being a simple low-maintenance team player in the magical process of storytelling.

Check out Jilly’s website at http://jilly.co.nr/


Fok Kai Keong | Seng Boon Hock

Keong has been interested in acting since he was young. Now that he has more time to spare, he is giving acting a try to see how things goes. Another real reason why he likes acting is that, even if one day when he is no longer around, there will still be some parts of a movie with him doing something in it.

He thinks each and everyone of us is an actor or actress in real life and each one of us should be awarded an Oscar, for portraying our roles so well, or so badly. Our roles are so realistic in our daily life, such that we play multiple roles, as a son or daughter to our parents, as a good spouse to our partners, and as a good parent to our children. Besides that, we also have addition roles to play in our office, in society and in our country. So whether we get recognition or not, each and everyone of us deserves a pat on our own backs for acting out our roles so realistically.

Keong is also interested in counseling and the workings of our minds besides acting. He finds it really interesting to understand the human psychology to understand more about our human behaviour, which is so complex. He thinks life is a continuous learning process, and we are still learning along the way.


Lin Xiuyi Kitty | Winter Ong

Kitty Lin loves all aspects of art: design, aesthetics, music, movies, and short films. She previously studied at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is now at National University of Singapore pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Arts & Social Sciences. When she first enrolled into the course, she was uncertain whether this was the right path for her interest and passion. However, Kitty came across exciting projects and participated in CASHLESS by nuSTUDIOS. She feels extremely honored to work with so many nice people and it was really a memorable time for her.

Woon Yong

Chong Woon Yong | Ah Long

Woon Yong is currently an undergrad in NUS majoring in Theatre Studies. He has been actively involved both in theatre and film performances for the past 2 years. He was previously involved in Walking Into Doors (NUS Thespis), Next (NUS Stage), Youthblog (Channel U) and is currently working on Sun Day (NUS Arts Festival 2009). He is very thrilled to be part of CASHLESS as it was an exciting and fun experience.


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