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CASHLESS screening in Hong Kong!


CASHLESS will be screening on 11 Aug 2009 in Hong Kong for the 5th InDPanda International Short Film Festival!

CASHLESS will be screened alongside with other short films around the world. We are programmed under “Never Forget” – We suddenly recall someone or something important in certain moment. Then, we understand what we really should cherish. It certainly speaks well for our film.

For more screening details, visit here.



CASHLESS screening in Durban, South Africa!


CASHLESS will be screening next in Durban, South Africa for the 30th Durban International Film Festival! We will be competing with other short films and packaged under “… of Love, Life & Debt”.

Screening details:
24 Jul 3pm (Royal), 8pm (Spiga);
26 Jul 6pm (Ekhaya);
30 Jul 11am (Royal);
31 Jul 10am (Luthuli)

More details here